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allison & christian are in of summer supplies clothes n shoes

Posted by cyoungcarriejo3

Hi I have twins there name are allison and christian…I have been having troubles just lost my job cause my car isn’t working no more the tranny went out on it so I’m struggling big time to get them summer stuff even outside toys. I’m looking for 4t for both of them in shorts n

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Paige Will Need Baby Supplies

Posted by Paige

Paige is having a baby in September and is going to need help and support.

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Lisa needs a ride home from Women’s Impower Hour

Posted by lrmiller300

I would really like to attend Women’s Impower Hour on Tuesday. I can take the bus there but would need a ride home if anyone lives in north Moorhead. I would also like to register for, and attend, Diva Dance if anyone could get me there and back. I can help with gas money.

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family in need.

Posted by GodIsGood3

Need girls clothing, cleaning supplies, household items, gas card

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Rosario needs a vehicle, a plumber and help with installing carpet for home

Posted by Megan Havig

Rosario and her 8 children need assistance with a vehicle and plumbing in their home where mold was found.

Women’s Impact Volunteers Needed

Posted by Vanessa B.

Women’s Impact Needs 2 Volunteers

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Karol needs a 2 bedroom apartment $500-$700/ month

Posted by karollynn

I need a 2 bedroom apartment $600-700 a month with a small dog.

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Need Diapers and Baby Wipes.

Posted by Adi212

I lost my job and cannot afford diapers or wipes for my 2 year old daughter.

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Chandi Needs Career Advise

Posted by Chandi

Wanting to start own daycare but still live at home.

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Kim Needs Help Finishing School

Posted by HappyHeart211

I need an Angel to help me finish my Internship in Graduate School.